pkwsc logoDedicated to serving the residents and businesses of Possum Kingdom Lake.
pkwsc logoDedicated to serving the residents and businesses of Possum Kingdom Lake.
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Disconnecting From Your Current System

To protect the water system PKWSC requires an "air gap" between our water supply and the previously used system. The air gap is nothing more than a physical disconnect between the two systems. A closed valve or double check valves do not qualify as an air gap.

You are required to physically disconnect from your current system before we can initiate service to eliminate cross connections. A cross connection is a physical connection between a public water supply and another water source of unknown quality. Contamination of the public water supply can occur if a backflow of the unknown liquid occurs. To prevent this, the State of Texas and PKWSC require a Customer Service Inspection prior to supplying water to your installation. The inspectors will verify that each residence or business is physically disconnected from the system being replaced.

An inspector is on staff and can be scheduled by calling 940-779-3100.

To ensure the safety of the water system, the following regulations are mandatory:

  1. All outside water faucets must have an anti-siphon device on the hose bib connection. This can be obtained from a home improvement store.
  2. Irrigation systems, pools, fountains, or a connection to a dock installed on the potable water service are required to have a Reduced Pressure Zone Assembly (RPZA) installed. This will prevent any type of backflow to the public water system should a loss of pressure occur.
  3. If you currently have or are planning a potable water connection for any of these systems you must:
  • Have a licensed plumber or irrigation specialists install an RPZA between the system and the water meter.
  • After installation it must be inspected by a certified Backflow Prevention Assembly Tester (BPAT) with the inspection report sent to PKWSC.
  • Inspection by a certified BPAT is required annually thereafter, with the report sent to PKWSC.

If you already have an RPZA installed you must send us a copy of the most recent inspection or arrange for an inspection.

These regulations are mandatory and are a condition of continuing water service.