pkwsc logoDedicated to serving the residents and businesses of Possum Kingdom Lake.
pkwsc logoDedicated to serving the residents and businesses of Possum Kingdom Lake.
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If you have a water emergency, call 940-779-3100. Our phones are answered 24 hours a day. The answering service will contact our on-call representative to handle the emergency.

Before you dig or trench close to the meter or in the right of way always call the office to have the water line located. This will avoid a costly mistake.

One Call Now

This is an emergency notification system being sponsored by the PK Chamber of Commerce. The system is very similar to ones used by school systems to notify parents of school closing or emergencies.

Phone calls will be made to the number provided in case of fire, water outages or any other emergency conditions that may affect the community.

PK Water Supply has input member's phone numbers to the system and will continue to update any changes. We will now be able to notify members by specific area of the lake of any actions that are being taken or any additional steps they need to take.

The following is detail information about the system:

  • The call will come from 877-698-3261 so you may want to store it in your phone.
  • A beeping tone will be the first thing you will hear.
  • The beginning of the message will say "please listen carefully for an important message for the PK Lake community".
  • The message will then tell you about the emergency or other notification.
  • The system will rotate through the listings and continue to call a number until it is answered or gets a recording or until 8:00 PM.
  • A pick-up and hang-up are considered a completed call. Please don't hang up.
  • The message maximum length is 45 seconds so the information will be brief.
  • Each name and phone number has a lake location identifier by the lake address so messages can be sent to specific areas.