pkwsc logoDedicated to serving the residents and businesses of Possum Kingdom Lake.
pkwsc logoDedicated to serving the residents and businesses of Possum Kingdom Lake.
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Become a Member Now

If you are a resident or business in our service area and want to install a water meter, you can start the process now by downloading the forms and sending them to us via fax, mail, or e-mail to .

Step 1 - New Service Request

This request will determine if we can serve you now. Our engineers will determine the nearest water distribution line location and its capacity to serve you. At the same time, we will determine the total cost of installing your meter if any construction improvements are required.

pdfClick here to download the New Service Request form

Step 2 – Service Application and Agreement 

Once you are qualified for service, you can apply for membership using this form. It includes the terms and conditions of the membership agreement.

pdfClick here to download Service Application and Agreement

Step 3 – Right of Way Easement

If this membership is to be on deeded property, a Right of Way Easement form must accompany your application. This grants us access to your property for installation.

pdfClick here to download Right of Way Easement

Reserving Service for the Future

If you are a member and do not plan to connect to the water system for a year or longer, we offer a Reserved Service Rate to insure service in the future. This rate provides a 15% discount on the monthly base and will reserve system capacity for your property at a future date.

pdfClick here to download Reserved Service Request

Transfer Your Membership

If you sell your property or otherwise need to transfer your service to another recipient, process this form.

pdfClick here to download Membership Transfer Authorization

Request For Bank Draft

pdfClick here to download Request for Bank Draft


pdfClick here to download the Tariff

Adobe Acrobat is required to print and save your statements. You may download it here.
get adobe reader